Eid Greetings

Eid Mubarak Greetings

Eid Mubarak Greetings

Eid is a great festival when all the family members, close friends, and relatives gather and celebrate it with great food, beautiful gifts, and create everlasting memories. We have collected some attractive Eid Greetings and religious Eid Mubarak GIF images so that you can send it to your family members, close friends, and relatives.

Best Collection of Eid Greetings 2020

24 smiles for you, one for each hour so that you keep smiling 24 hours at Eid day.. Eid Mubarak.

Aaj ki duniya bahut advance hai. Isi advance duniya ki advance technology mein rehne waale ek advance banday ki taraf se aap sab ko advance Eid mubarak.

May Allah bless you with joy, happiness & prosperity

After 3 days, After 72 hours, After 4320 mins, After 259200 secs Everyone will send you this msg but I am the first one. Eid Mubarak to you and your family.

May every minute of EID fill your heart and home with joy.

After congregational Eid prayer, sentiments are reciprocated with deep sense of gratitude and manifestation. Very very happy Eid to you and your family.

May Allah’s Blessings always be with you.

Eid Mubarak!

May you find success in the path chosen for you by Allah! – Eid Mubarak

Happy Eid!

All the bright and happy things that life can bring on your way are wished for you today. Eid Mubarak

Some Top Collection of Eid Greetings 2020

Eid Greetings

Are You Waiting For My SMS? Shoo Shweeeeet. Dont Worry. How Can I Forget You? HERE Comes My Wish. Eid Mubarak.

As Allah waters his creation, may He also sprinkle his wonderous blessings over you and your beloved ones. (Aameen). Eid Mubarak

Before the golden sun rise, let me decorate each of the rays with wishes of success, prosperity and happiness for you and for your family. Eid Mubarak.

Beware of other duplicate Eid wishers. I am the only authorized ISO 1995 to 2050 certified dealer in Eid wishes. I wish you an original sweet Eid Mubarak.

Do you know the meaning of Eid? I think it means enjoy in duniya.. So, in your life all moments bring Eid for you.. Wish you Eid Mubarak

Do you know the meaning of EID? It means

E >> Embrace with open heart

I >> Inspire with impressive attitude

D >> Distribute pleasure to all.

Eid Mubarak.

Earth can forget rotating, birds can forget flying, candle can forget melting, heart can forget beating but I will never forget to wish You Happy Eid.

Eid days are meant to celebrate the goals and the achievements that make you happiest. The ideals you believe in, the dream you love the best.

Eid is a day to celebrate and Smile
May you be blessed mile after mile
Eid Mubarak.

EID is about colour, fragrance, merriment, extravagance, closeness, harmony & celebration. wishing you BLOOMING EID GREETINGS. Eid Mubarak.

Eid is dedication, Eid is love, Eid is beauty, Eid is happiness. My wishes to you and your family. Eid Mubarak

Happy Eid Greetings Comes to End

eid mubarak quotes

Eid is the wonderfull day to pray, to love, to care, to celebrate, to be happy. May Allah bless you always.

Eid Mubarak! May Allah bless and shower his mercy upon all those who believe and are righteous. Lets pray to Allah to guide us all. Eid Mubarak.

Eid of sacrifice and commitment to Allah’s orders, may Allah bless us with the same in all circles of life, help all amongst us, who are waiting for his rehmat.

Everyone sent you traditional words about eid but I am the first one to send you meat mubarak and Keep eating different dishes in this season.

Here comes the day, with chanda mama is shining bright and blessing everyone. God’s love that’s tender, merciful, shining down on earth wishing us Eid Mubarak.

Hoping sincerely that this Eid day brings warm, light hearted moments of friendship and fun to make your eid a wonderful one.

I always wish you happy days and hope that you will have many, but still I would like this special day to be your best of any.. Eid Mubarak

I am sending a dua your way
And asking Allah to bless you all the way
Eid Mubarak!

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