Kurulus Osman Season 1 in Urdu

Kurulus Osmsan Season 1

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Kurulus Osman Season 1 Story

Story of Kurulus Osman Season 1 starts 10 to 15 years after the start of the Berke-Hulagu war where Etrugrul Ghazi has gone to Konya and gave the charge of the Tribe to his Younger brother Dundar Bay.

After Ertugrul Ghazi Sheikh Edebali who was a Sunni Turkish Sheikh recovered some holy documents from the evil Templar Yannis and his daughter Sofia.

Osman helped the Edabali and his team for recovering these and these Holy Documents from Yannis and his daughter.

In that Situation Usman falled in Love with the daughter of Sheikh Edebali named as Bala Hatun.

After that Osman stolen all the taxes from Mongols. These taxes were been given to the Selcuk Sancak Bey named as Alisar.

As Alisar know that Osman has stolen all the taxes from Mongols he became the enemy of Osman.

The Mongol Minister Gayhatu sent Balgay to stop the operations of Kayi tribe against Mongols. Balgay caused trouble and created hard situations for Osman and his tribe.

In these hard situations, Osman Kidnapped Sofia and asked Yannis to call Balgay to the Castle. In the way, Osman will ambush them and then Yannis will take his daughter back.

In the tribe, Alisar Killed Batur which was son of Dundar Bey and Alisar named Osman as Killer of Batur.

Meanwhile, Osman’s ambush on Mongols became successful but Dundar came to kill Osman and the Soldiers of Osman fought against Dundar’s soldiers along with Balgay’s Army.

After that ocassion Dundar took his daughter Aygul to Alisar to get married but Osman stopped it in an ambush.

Osman was trying to prove that he was not the killer of Batur in front of Dundar and Aygul. He thought that Aygul will help him to keep him out from this situation.

But she cheated him later and became the wife of Alisar. Aygul didn’t believe on Osman from the start that Alisar has Killed Batur and he has not. Meanwhile Osman has married with Bala Hatun.

After that Osman caught Alisar and trying to tell the truth by forcing him to Alisar. After telling the truth Dundar started to beg for mercy but Osman cut Alisar’s Head off in the tribe. At the same time, Yannis was hanged by the King at Aya Sofia.

First wife of Dundar Bey named as Hazal Hatun came back to the tribe and decided to help his beloved brother Yavlak Arslan who was planning to take over Kayi Tribe as well as Sogut.

Sofia Planned to kill usman and uses her “Dark Knights” for this purpose. Osman who killed Balgay got an attack from that dark Knights and got very bad injuries.

In the result, everyone believed that Osman is died but he took the advantage and defeat Sofia at Kulucahisar castle and killed her in that attack and took the Castle from the Templers.

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Complete Episodes

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